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InsuBiz Exhibits at CICA event and Launches Cloud Based Captive Zone

Skanderborg, Denmark and Jacksonville, FL – March 2018

InsuBiz will be exhibiting at this year’s annual CICA Conference from March 11-13 in Scottsdale, AZ.


InsuBiz recently launched cloud based Captive Zone, revolutionizing RRG compliance management.

Captive Zone accelerates product line implementation and streamlines ratings and claims management for RRG’s.

“We believe RRG’s want to focus on what they do best and not on time wasting activities like managing multiple software platforms and reconciling various systems. RRG’s need to focus on creating value for their company so they can build market share – not spend time with inefficient systems. Captive Zone is an all in one tool providing a central system that manages all of the critical tasks relating to claims, insurance, risk management and compliance”, states Pam Hill, InsuBiz’s US Director.

With one integrated management platform, Captive Zone will:

  • Accelerate product line implementation
  • Create system flexibility and scalability
  • Streamline your approach to rating and claims management
  • Develop one integrated management platform tool with all the features you need
  • Drive efficiencies, minimize risk, increase market share


“Talking with client partners, soliciting feedback and asking how we can help streamline operations has allowed InsuBiz to learn intricate details that fuel our platform’s growth and evolution.  We continually challenge, rinse, and fine tune. We have helped over 10,000 users globally in last decade, so we understand RRG’s and the issues they face every day – Captive Zone is designed specifically for them”, states InsuBiz’s founder Soren Hundeboll.

Please stop by our booth, lucky number 13, at the CICA conference in Scottsdale, AZ to learn what our eleventh year has in store for the captive sector.

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