Implementation of InsuBiz
for handling workplace
accidents in large municipality

The Municipality of Horsens has a population of almost 80.000 people, after the local government reform 1 January 2007 joined the municipalities of Brædstrup, Gedved and Horsens. The Municipality of Horsens is governed by a mayor and a municipal council of 31 elected politicians. The Municipality of Horsens covers 542 square kilometers.

A frustrating situation

All companies in Denmark must use the official governmental electronic reporting system, EASY, to register all workplace accidents. This includes all governmental institutions, including all Danish municipalities.
At that time, the process for submitting workplace accidents could extend across 8 pages. Horsens employees frequently experienced situations where the EASY system ‘froze’, which was both extremely frustrating and a waste of valuable time.

“Unfortunately, the official EASY system has, historically, not delivered to our satisfaction”


The need for an integrated solution

Based on the Municipality’s experience with the official EASY system, they initiated a dialogue session with several database providers, to find a solution which would allow them to manage their data whilst integrating with the EASY system, avoiding duplication of work and improving the process.

“We had to eliminate the impact from an inefficient system”


Only one solution

The Municipality of Horsens could only identify one supplier that met their high standards and requirements: InsuBiz. A fully integrated solution for the decentralised reporting of workplace accidents, central administration and seamless integration with the Government system.

“Problems concerning the official system’s stability have been completely eliminated with InsuBiz integration”

Industry Municipality
Segment Public Sector
Size Population 80.000 / 542 M2
Customer Since April 2011
Primary Use Claims handling (Workplace accidents)
Why InsuBiz
  • Seamless integration
  • One single solution
  • Reduced handling time
  • Extensive statistics function
  • No need for traditional mail
  • Easy to identify preventive measures
  • Single page accident registration
InsuBiz is an off-the-shelf standard solution.
Easy to implement and being continually developed for all our clients.
Roy Kilpatrick CEO InsuBiz LTD


is a fully integrated solution

The InsuBiz solution for the Municipality of Horsens is based on the claims module with integration to the Easy module for registering workplace accidents and also InsuBiz x-net for effortless accident reporting from all decentralised departments.

This system provides seemless claims handling from beginning to end whilst ensuring compliance with the appropriate Government requirements.

All this goes hand in hand with using the InsuBiz asset management functionality allowing Horsens Municipality to manage the information about every location and vehicle across their organisational structure.

“Another important aspect in implementing the InsuBiz EASY Module, has been the reaction of the Municipality’s external users regarding system functionality. This has been a success far beyond expectations”

Users Claims imported Claims per year Key features
5 adm
400 xnet
3700 500+
  • Integration with government system
  • X-net for decentral accident registration
  • Asset management
  • Integrated document handling
InsuBiz was very helpful in solving the challenges that often come from implementing new systems.

The conversion proved to be both smooth and successful.
Jacob Alsing Head of department Horsens Municipality

New implementation with all history preserved

The implementation took place in April 2011. Part of the process was for InsuBiz to convert the historical data back to 2004, to each of the over +3,700 claims.

“InsuBiz has been very helpful in solving the challenges that often come from implementing new systems”

Additionally, Jacob Alsing also requested the conversion of all documents and files for each and every of the +3,700 claims.

  • 3.700 existing claims reconstructed
  • Complete organisational structure of Municipality implemented
  • 10.000 Document files that had to be imported and categorized

“InsuBiz were heavily involved in converting data from the old system ensuring that the new system contains valid historical data”

A massive benefit for all involved

With InsuBiz fully functional the reduction in cost per incident has been reduced by as much as 75%. This is achieved by substantially optimizing: Centralised and Decentralised claim registration; information gathering, calculating claim costs including the cost of absences, synchronization with Government system, standard letter templates and building a case journal

“Where it before could take ½ an hour to register an accident, now it takes under 5 minutes. This saves time, both in the central administration team, but even more for the external users”

The extensive statistical functionality provided by InsuBiz has enabled Horsens to identify the underlying root cause of claims, enabling them to improve prevention measures and ensuring all departments adhere to the same standards.
They have made a quantum leap forward in accident prevention across their organisation.

25 min. Saved per decentralised
claim registration
75% Reduction in cost
per incident
90% Reduction in cost on
administrative follow-up
600 Hours saved annually on
incident handling

Let us help make this possible for you as well.
Call or email us and we can make it happen.
Allan Nielsen Regional Manager
InsuBiz Nordic ApS

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