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Fast Implementation

InsuBiz is an ‘off the shelf’ solution, giving you a cost effective, stable system which is easy to use and quick to implement. We take care of your data conversion, which along with comprehensive training and support is part of our service.

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Leading support

The InsuBiz team have extensive experience in the insurance and risk sector so are able to understand not only your current needs but how ongoing legislative and regulatory changes can impact your business objectives and the data you need to manage.
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User friendly

Whether accessed as an administrator or through an external login, the InsuBiz solution is one of the easiest to use systems on the market. Feedback from one client cited using our external login was "as easy as online shopping".

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State of the Art

The InsuBiz solution is regularly updated throughout the year, so never becomes obsolete or out-of-date and regular feedback from our customer focus groups and clients means our solution is constantly being improved.

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Working in Partnership with our Clients – Read the Stories

InsuBiz for US Risk Retention Group

This case story is about how InsuBiz software with small adaptations was made ready for handling all challenges in any Risk Rentention Group. Read more

A cost-effective solution

InsuBiz for handling workplace incidents

This case story is about the implementation of InsuBiz software in a large municipality for handling work place accidents. Read more

A massive benefit for all involved

InsuBiz for ?

More stories from our happy clients appearing here soon...

A happy client
Your data is secure with us We believe in the importance of a proactive attitude to security and auditing, to give you the best storage technology available
80% Reduction in claims handling expenses since 2011
13% Saving in claim settlements since 2014
15% Reduction in the number of personal injuries
1200 Claim handling hours saved annually
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InsuBiz was very helpful in solving the challenges that often come from implementing new systems.

The conversion proved to be both smooth and successful.
Jacob Alsing Head of department Horsens Municipality
A global player with a proven track Celebrating 10 years in business in 2016 across our offices in Denmark, United Kingdom and the United States.   InsuBiz has grown from a strong foundation of state of the art software, industry bred professionals and world class customer service.

…… and we continue to help our clients as their worlds evolve

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